Travis' Vineyard

2300 Hopewell Rd
Cleburne, Texas 76031
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My Story

Since I don't drink, many people have ask me why I planted grapes.
I retired early in order to care for my handicapped wife and child. Though I was retired, I was not ready to stop working. I have a pond in the lower part of my ten acres where I sat down on a bench beside the pond and bowed my head and prayed, "Oh God, I thank thee for the opportunity that I might care for my family. What should I do with this land that thou hast made me steward thereof?" and ended my prayer in the name of Jesus Christ.
With my head still bowed I opened my eyes and saw a wild grapevine growing between my feet. Grapes! OK, Lord.
I then went to Grayson County Community College to learn how to grow grapes. They have a great Viticulture program and I learned how and what to plant in order to succeed. I am still learning and growing my vineyard to this day.

 If you are interested in harvesting these grapes please contact me at the below e-mail address or call 817 558-8241.

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